About Releases

Due to massive demand for some limited release products, we have setup this site to handle raffle style releases online.

With each release we will open a draw a few days before the release of the product is available for shipping.

Payment will be taken at time of raffle entry, however the payment won't be processed until the day of the draw, when if you are successful we will process the payment and notify successful customers.

Unsuccessful entrants will also be notified and the payment will be cancelled and funds released back to the payment method, it can take up to 3 working days for your bank to make these funds available to you.

Entry to these raffles is not a guarantee of purchase or shipping, as quantities of these products are always super limited.

As soon as we notify customers we will begin packing and shipping products, so if address changes or order cancellations are required, these will need to be made before the draw takes place.